Monday, 7 April 2008

National Police officer shot in Benidorm

23:23 |

Police in Benidorm continue to search for a gunman that shot an officer during an operation on Saturday morning in the town’s notorious Armanello zone.
A police spokesman said that the 54-year-old officer was shot during a search of an abandoned restaurant in the zone. He added that squatters were using the property, which is in an area where drug dealing and other illegal activities take place and where there are more than 20 other abandoned properties.After launching a major manhunt for the gunman, government delegate in Alicante, Encarna Llinares, announced on Tuesday that a 20-year-old Spanish man had been arrested in connection with the incident.A National Police spokesman said that although an arrest has been made it does not mean that they have the person who fired the weapon and the investigation is still ongoing.The injured officer is being cared for in the Marina Baja hospital in Villajoyosa and his condition is said to be stable.

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