Tuesday 22 April 2008

Million Euros siezed from drug-traffickers in Estepona

19:07 |

Nearly a million € cash has been recovered by police from a gang of drug-traffickers in Estepona. Four French people of Algerian origin have been arrested, accused of moving more than 825 kilos of haschis in a car which was intercepted in France.
The first phase of the operation was on the 16th of this month in Estepona port when the four arrests took place and 820,400 € in cash was recovered from the gang. This was not reported in the media at the time as the case remained open, and in the second phase now it has been confirmed that the group was linked to the French traffickers. The arrested men have been named as 34 year old Salim B. A., 28 year old Boulaiche H., 30 year old Jaouad M., and 44 year old Latreche J. A large amount of documentation and two top of the range cars have been seized in the National Police operation. All the accused will appear before the National Court in Madrid shortly.

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