Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Baggage handlers arrested at Airport

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Four workers at Barajas airport in Madrid have been arrested for allowing cocaine into Spain. Three of the workers come from the baggage handling department, and unloaded the suitcases from the planes. They would then hide the drugs in rucksacks where they also put their lunch, and then sent it out of the airport later in found luggage.17 kilos of cocaine was intercepted when the airport’s own anti-drug force intervened.Those arrested have been named as 31 Clara A.R. from Madrid, 27 year old Luis Ismael C.M. from Cádiz, 33 year old Luis Pablo S. from Argentina, 26 year old Julian Yasid G.L., 30 year old Jimmy Darío M.B., 30 year old Alejandra María Z.O., 39 year old Maria Clemencia L.R, 38 year old John Jairo V.F, all from Colombia and Sergio Stalin M.M. from Ecuador.

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