Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Allan Foster,aka Sean Wilkinson murder suspect has £70,000 siezed by U.K. police

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Allan Foster was named among 10 suspects posted by Crimestoppers on a most-wanted website for the Costa del Sol. Foster, the prime suspect in the murder of David “Noddy” Rice, has been on the run for two years.The 31-year-old is one of the Englands most wanted criminals after his alleged involvement in the gangland hit.Police believe Foster flew from his Spanish hideaway to assassinate Mr Rice in South Shields.It is thought he flew back after the killing, at a seaside car park near Marsden Grotto, South Tyneside, and has remained a fugitive since.Although he has never been caught, a police probe found more than £70,000 he had made from selling drugs at the home of the woman he used to share a house with, Shareena McAuley, and her mother Marilyn McAuley.
Now Shareena McAuley, 27, of Mozart Street, South Shields, has admitted conspiring with Foster and others to hide the cash. Mr Rice, 42, was shot by two masked men on the seafront after being lured to the meeting by Steven Bevens, 39. Bevens worked for Foster, who police believe fired the fatal shots. Last year Bevens, formerly of Wheatsheaf Court, Sunderland, was sentenced to life for murder, while driver Derek Blackburn, 51, of Humberside, was given four years for assisting an offender, later cut to two-and-a-half years.Caroline Goodwin, prosecuting at Newcastle Crown Court, said: “This arose out of a disturbing incident on May 25, 2006, when David Rice was murdered.“It led to an investigation into Allan Foster. Police were able to recover a great deal of money, which was said to be the proceeds of crime from the drug dealing of Allan Foster.”
A total of £70,440 was found during searches at the McAuleys’ house and now a judge has made a confiscation order, which means the money will stay in the hands of police. Judge Esmond Faulks said: “The money that was taken will be kept by the police. I’m not giving you any promises about the sentence, the maximum sentence is many years of imprisonment.”Shareena McAuley pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal the proceeds of criminal property between June 1, 2006, and September 30, 2006. Marilyn McAuley, 56, also of Mozart Street, pleaded guilty to possession of criminal property, knowing or suspecting it was from the proceeds of crime.

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