Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Fatal shooting at the port in Algeciras

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Central government offices in Cádiz have released details of a fatal shooting at the port in Algeciras on Monday evening when a Civil Guard officer was firing at the tyres of an escaping car and one of the shots hit the driver of the vehicle. He died in hospital around an hour later.EFE said the car had been reported as suspicious by staff at the port, who said they had seen one of the three occupants armed with a gun. It’s understood that the driver repeatedly ignored Civil Guard orders to pull over, and on one occasion drove straight at the officers, forcing them to jump out of the way. The shooting happened while the officers were in pursuit and one of the bullets fired at the tyres went into the vehicle, hitting the driver.
#He was carrying documentation in the name of a 27 year old man with a lengthy criminal record, but EFE said his identity has been put into doubt with statements from the two other occupants of the car, and it will be confirmed with fingerprint analyses.

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