Tuesday, 4 March 2008

British man was arrested for allegedly attempting to abuse children

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A British man was arrested on Saturday evening at Entre Naranjos urbanisation in Orihuela for allegedly attempting to abuse children.News agency EFE reported that according to the regional supreme court, the suspect was sent to prison on Tuesday on charges of sexual abuse against children and refused bail.They noted that he also has previous criminal convictions for paedophilia offences in Britain.
A Spanish press report also alleges that British police alerted Interpol that the suspect faces an outstanding charge for which he could face extradition to the UK.
Residents from Entre Naranjos told CB News that the man was seen near a playground in a public green area with a group of children between the ages of three and six.
The children later alleged he had been touching them.The residents stated that one young child alleged he was sitting on the man’s knee and that he had given him beer to drink.A woman went to confront the suspect and he briskly walked away from the scene, taking several turnings down backstreets.The residents had already called the police and a group of locals managed to locate the individual and detain him until officers arrived and arrested him.A parent of one of the children said that he was reassured by the vigilance and quick action of members of his community, which may have prevented the incident from potentially having been more serious.He also said he was pleased and surprised by the swift response of the police and the action of the judicial services.Although residents say the suspect has lived in the neighbourhood since 2004, there had never been any reports of concern about his behaviour previously, although one neighbour alleged that the man had been seen taking photos of children in the playground two weeks previously.A number of paedophiles who had flown their country of origin were arrested in the Vega Baja last year.Two British men who were on the run from UK police were detained in Torrevieja at the end of August.One was classed as a high-risk sex offender who had been convicted for abusing children.Both men were sent to Madrid for extradition to the UK.

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