Sunday, 17 February 2008

‘Totana is not for sale,’ and ‘Totana is not Marbella,’ La Verdad newspaper said.

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Crowds demonstrated in Totana this Saturday, in a protest against planning corruption and its effects on the town. Totana’s Partido Popular Mayor, José Martínez Andreo, was only released on bail at the beginning of February after two months in prison following his arrest in the case, and the ex Mayor, Juan Morales, is waiting to be called for questioning by the Murcia High Court of Justice. Another 12 suspects have been interviewed as part of the investigation.Saturday’s demonstration was called by two platforms: ‘The Murcia Region is not for sale,’ and ‘No to this development plan for Totana,’ in reference to the proposed new local development plan for the town. The protestors could be heard shouting out ‘Totana is not for sale,’ and ‘Totana is not Marbella,’ La Verdad newspaper said.The local Partido Popular said 300 people attended, while the organisers put numbers at more than 1,500.

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