Sunday, 10 February 2008

Overseas Property Investments PLC shut down.

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Nightmare holiday home company Overseas Property Investments PLC has been shut down.
Five investors took the firm to court after paying almost £1million for homes in Cyprus that never materialised.
The company, run by John, Rhodri and Daniel Foote, of Swansea, was put into compulsory liquidation after the High Court heard that furious investors had "completely lost faith" in it.

Pinares de Mijas is located in one of the best areas on the Costa del Sol. It is situated between the new racecourse of Mijas and within walking distance to the beach at El Chaparral.

Golf Girona These high quality golf resort villas are designed to the highest quality and overlook the excellent golf course and nearby mountains. The whole panoramic view is breathtaking. Costa Brava.Peralada The Golf Peralada resort is truly exclusive and peaceful, everything you would expect from this idyllic setting. The villas are built to the highest quality in true Catalonian style. Two of the many developments advertised in spain by Overseas Property Investments PLC .Overseas Property Investments (OPI) is the exclusive choice for the sophisticated property investor seeking high returns with a reduced element of risk.
With over £50m in asset end-values, and controlling around £100 million in project value, this dynamic, profit focused company is a pioneer in overseas land and property investments, specialising in the funding of fast-track property developments in Croatia, Cyprus, Spain and France. OPI are constantly searching the globe for outstanding opportunities and are currently evaluating possible ventures in Bulgaria, Dubai, Canada, Florida, Turkey and the Caribbean.
From our roots as a successful UK Property company, OPI has achieved remarkable success by perfecting our project funding model. Whenever possible we take full ownership of the development and negotiate the best possible payment terms, or, alternatively we buy the whole development on an "Off-Plan basis".
Whichever funding strategy we implement, we always seek to limit the initial deposit and look to the local banks and financial institutions to carry the rest of the financing.
This strategic approach substantially reduces the risks traditionally associated with Off-Plan developments and gives OPI's dedicated property sales division sufficient time to sell the projects onwards for substantial profit.
OPI’s capital base has come by way of investment from the public purchasing shares in our UK Plc. By combining our resources we are able to negotiate the purchase of either whole developments or large parts thereof, which allows us to secure the best discounts, unavailable to the individual investor.
OPI’s sister company Property in Britain Plc, was formed 5 years ago, has 195 private investors, and enjoying significant growth in its U.K. and overseas projects. Property in Britain has several large developments in the UK with projects end values of £6 million.
OPI was formed to emulate Property in Britain in the overseas market, utilising our investment modules, knowledge and expertise.
The company has successfully used this initial capitalisation on medium term deals, but is now looking to fund shorter term investments through other vehicles. Hence the launch of Fifty : Fifty Gold & Fifty :Fifty Silver.
Given our prominence in the market, we are constantly offered opportunities from various sources. On every potential deal we carry out our due diligence and if it does not reach our benchmark parameters the deal is rejected.

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