Friday, 4 January 2008

María del Cármen D.G

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María del Cármen D.G girlfriend of a Malaga Businessman freed by police last week was arrested for being behind the contract kidnapping.
The woman was named as María del Cármen D.G and it is said she has a lengthy arrest record for fraud and forgery, and had been living with the businessman under a false identity for the past two years. She is now in custody, along with her son and two accomplices.
The police were informed of the possible kidnap situation after a phone call the businessman made to his staff on Wednesday last week, asking for 160,000 € to be delivered to his home. He asked for the money in cash and said it was urgent.
The supposed kidnappers agreed to drop the ransom demand to 120,000 €.
Police who had the home under surveillance were able to free the hostage and took the four suspects into custody after searching two properties.
The girlfriend had already left with one of the two accomplices, faking that she was being taken hostage to guarantee payment of the ransom.

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