Friday, 11 January 2008

Audrey Fitzpatrick was interviewed for two and a half hours .

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The mother of the missing 15 year old Irish girl, Amy Fitzpatrick, Audrey Fitzpatrick was interviewed today, Friday, by the Guardia Civil at their local barracks in Mijas, Málaga. Her partner was also present during the questioning.
Spanish police are treating the disappearance officially as a missing person case, but they have also been working their way through lists of known Irish and British sex criminals living on the Costa Del Sol.
A Spanish police source said, “We will track down and interview all those who are on our lists with links to the area. They will be questioned about movements from January 1 and asked about alibis.
“There is a possibility that Amy may have been abducted, and we are becoming increasingly worried each day that she is not found.”
Amy moved from Coolock, Dublin, to Spain with her mother, 39-year-old Audrey, and 17-year-old brother Dean, three years ago. Friends said she never settled in the country.
She was due to make a trip to Ireland on St. Stephen’s Day but it was postponed. That upset her.
Her closest friend in Spain, Ashley Rose, said, “She said she couldn’t wait to get back to Ireland. She said she’d had enough of Spain. She went to two different schools and got bullied at both. All she wanted to do was go back to Ireland.
“She was hoping that maybe she could go back and live with some of her family there.”
Amy’s father, Christopher, still lives in Dublin. He has put a note on her Bebo website pleading with her to make contact. He wrote, “Amy, it is Dad. Please get in touch with me. I am really worried.”
When Amy disappeared she did not have any cash with her. She wore clothes borrowed from her friend Ashley and was carrying her own soiled clothes in a plastic bag.
She does not hold her own passport as she travels on her mother’s. Her cell phone was broken.
Her distraught mother admitted they had their differences and Amy would storm out of their home threatening to leave and not come back.
“This time it is different. On previous occasions I always knew where she was and saw her as she stayed with friends locally.Europa Press reports that the family’s spokesman Franco Rey, had said that they arrived at the barracks at 1130a.m., leaving half an hour later, and returned at 5pm to leave at 7,30pm tonight. Reports are that the family is collaborating with the Civil Guard in an effort to reconstruct the life and movements of Amy over the last few days she was with them, although there has been no official comment or statement about what the conversations are about.

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