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Amy Fitzpatrick and the triangle of fear.

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Spanish press dub the scene of Amy Fitzpatricks disappearance as the triangle of fear.The triangle is defined by the towns of Coín, Mijas and Motril (Granada) Connecting three other similar disappearances over the last years.María Teresa Fernández, from Granada, who bears a striking resemblance to Amy in 2000. Rocío Wanninkhof y Sonia Carabantes 1990 and 2003 both killed by Tony Alexander King.Where Amy lives is known as Riviera del Sol which has a 90% ownership of expat Brits and holiday homes.Mijas as a whole has over 40,000 expat inhabitants.Riviera del Sol is only four kilometres from Tony Kings (convicted murderer) last residence.Spanish police believe that this urbanization and its surroundings are a centre for drug taking and distribution as there have been arrests for these offenses within this area. Maria Teresa was last seen on Avenida de Andalucia, in the heart of Motril, on her way to meet some friends going to the patron saint procession. August 18, 2000. and has not been seen since.The similarities between the two cases are outstanding

31st December: Amy Fitzpatrick went to her friend Ashley Rubio’s house to help her look after her younger brother for New Year’s Eve.

1st January: The two friends went to Fuengirola in the morning, had lunch at home and went to El Zoco in Calahonda in the evening. They returned home at 21.45. Fifteen minutes later Amy left the Rubios’ house in Calypso. As usual she was going to take a short cut to Riviera del Sol, a little used, unlit path. She was wearing black trousers and black boots that belonged to her friend. She had no money and wasn’t carrying her mobile telephone.

2nd Jan: Her mother and stepfather waited. It wasn’t the first time that she had left home without warning.

3rd Jan: Amy’s mother, Audrey Fitzpatrick, and her partner report her disappearance. The search starts.

4th Jan: Thirty officers from the Guardia Civil, Civil Protection and Local Police comb the area between Calypso and Riviera del Sol in Mijas Costa, with the help of a helicopter and sniffer dogs.

5th Jan: The search is extended to the upper area of Riviera del Sol, near the motorway. The family appeal for information about the teenager’s whereabouts. Photos of Amy are distributed.

6th Jan: The Guardia Civil resume their search around Amy’s home and into the Sierra de Mijas.

7th Jan: The search continues. Amy’s father, Christopher Fitzpatrick, who lives in Dublin appeals for help to find his daughter. The hypothesis that she ran away loses strength.

8th Jan. The Guardia Civil study CCTV tapes from neighbouring estates.

9th Jan. Some 200 police and fire officers, rescue experts and members of Protección Civil and the Red Cross comb a six kilometre radius. The family give a second press conference.

10th Jan. The search is extended into the municipality of Marbella

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