Friday, 23 November 2007

thefts of heavy construction-related vehicles

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The police are investigating a rash of thefts of heavy construction-related vehicles such as cement mixers in Malaga province. They believe an organised gang is behind the theft of these vehicles which can weigh more than 20 tonnes, cost about 150,000 euros and are sometimes owned by self-employed people rather than companies.

The last two thefts occurred at two cement plants on the Marbella-Coin road. The owners of both vehicles left them at the plants at the end of the week, and found them gone the following Monday. One of the owners, who lives in Cártama, said it was worse than a car theft: “They’ve robbed me of my job”. There have been similar incidents in Cordoba and Sevilla and last week, police in Velez-Malaga recovered a digger which had been stolen from a construction site in Granada.

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