Saturday, 13 October 2007

mayor Julian Muñoz’s

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Marbella judge, óscar Pérez ordered ex-Marbella mayor Julian Muñoz’s release from Jaén prison on the condition that he put up jail of 50,000 euros. The ruling was made in connection with a case separate from the ‘Caso Malaya’ urban planning crimes he is accused of. The bail was set in relation to money laundering crimes in which his current partner, Isabel Pantoja, and ex wife, Maite Zaldívar, are also involved. The judge also said that if released he would have to report to the authorities every two weeks and would have his passport removed from his possession as the suspicion that Muñoz has siphoned off funds to Switzerland is high and therefore so is the possibility that he would flee the country.
At the time of going to press on Thursday Muñoz’s lawyers announced that they would be paying the bail in the afternoon. However sources at the Prisons Authority insisted that the ex-Mayor would not be let out of jail yet even if the bail is paid as he still has time to serve on previous sentences for planning crimes.

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